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I hope this website offers you the information, tips, and techniques you need to help you overcome the thinking patterns associated with chronic anxiety. I suffered from severe anxiety for many years, and I’m still prone to it. I still use the tips and techniques that I share with you here to remain calm, peaceful, and worry-free.

If you’re new here, here are the steps I recommend for you.

Step 1: The Basics

It always annoyed me that, whenever I’d read a book or article about anxiety, I’d be presented with a long chapter called “What is Anxiety?” Then it’d always talk about the body’s fight-or-flight reflexes, blah blah blah. The way I see it is, if you have a problem with excessive anxiety, you already know what anxiety is. You don’t need to sit and read an explanation of what it is. For that reason, I have not included a “What is Anxiety” article here.

However, if you feel that you can benefit from such information, feel free to check out these websites:

Step 2: Get a Physical

Make an appointment with your doctor and get a physical to rule out any physiological problems that might be causing or exacerbating your anxiety symptoms. Just be aware that most allopathic doctors have little to offer in the way of treatments other than prescribing you a pill.

Step 3 (Optional): Find a CBT Therapist to Work With

I tackled overcoming anxiety on my own, and this website is geared for others who are on the same path. However, if you want professional help, I would recommend you go see someone who is trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). It is a treatment that has a good success rate with those who have tried it.

You can search for CBT therapists near you here. Also, you can read about CBT here.

Step 4: Use the Tips and Techniques Presented Here

Embark on the path of re-training your thoughts and natural responses away from those producing worry and anxiety to those that allow you to be calm, peaceful and (relatively) worry-free. It takes time, and it takes constant practice. But if you’re serious about changing this pattern, you will do it. That’s what this website is about.

Most of the articles here offer practical tips and techniques that you can implement in your own life to help you on this path to freedom. Some will resonate with you, but others won’t. Take what you want and forget about the ones that don’t interest you. But do NOT reject an idea just because it seems scary or takes you outside your comfort zone. If a suggested technique seems a little scary to you, it just may be the thing you need. Use your own best judgement.

New articles are added several times each week, so be sure to bookmark the site and come back often, as this site is still new and growing.

Each article is written to stand alone, so you don’t need to read them in a certain order. Browse and select something to work on. When you’ve done that, find another one. Each one is meant to become a tool in your anti-anxiety “Toolbox”. The more tools you acquire, the more successful you’ll be in your quest to overcome anxiety.

Step 5: Be Sure to Check Out the “Generalized Anxiety” Category

Many tips and techniques here have to do with overcoming anxiety in general. So, a lot of the content here is presented under the “Generalized Anxiety” heading on the main menu. Occasionally, I present ideas that are helpful for a specific type of anxiety (e.g., health anxiety or agoraphobia). So if you suffer from one of the listed types, be sure to visit those articles as well.

Step 6: Share Your Thoughts

If you have knowledge or ideas or experiences, there’s a good chance you can help someone if you share what you know or what you’ve experienced. Feel free to leave comments throughout the site. Additionally, you can share your ideas or experiences by publishing your own article here. Here are the Guest Post Submission Guidelines.

You can contact me directly through the Contact Page or by emailing me at I will respond within 24 hours, usually.

Step 7: Understand the Philosophy

I am someone who has suffered from severe anxiety for many years. I didn’t take medicine to overcome my anxiety. I didn’t go see an expensive therapist. Instead, I educated myself, learned from others who overcame anxiety, read books by M.D.’s and psychologists and therapists, and I learned techniques that I needed to use in my life in order to change my habit of anxious thinking and physical panic. Then I continually practiced these techniques every day month after month until they became my habit. I had to learn to take control of my thoughts, alter some unhelpful beliefs, learn physical practices like meditation, etc.

I believe that if you are given the knowledge and the correct tools, you can fix yourself without resorting to drugs. You can overcome the habit of anxiety. I don’t think you’re ever going to eliminate it completely, but you can definitely become a person who is calm, peaceful and worry-free most of the time.

There are just so many scams and unhelpful information out there that I wanted to share real techniques that work, or at least that worked for me and people I know. That’s what this site is about. You can make it better by sharing your experiences as well, and I invite you to do so.