Be the epitome

This is a little exercise that I’ve used to work through anxiety as it’s happening, so try it next time you’re feeling anxious and see if it helps you. I guess you could say it’s an affirmation, but it’s a little more than that, too.

epitome definition


  1. When anxiety is overwhelming you, say to yourself, “I am the epitome of peace and calm”. You are the absolute calmest, most peaceful person.
  2. Imagine what that feels like in all areas of your body. Imagine a Buddhist monk who lives in a monastery and meditates all day, if that helps. You are even more peaceful and calm then him. Step back inside your mind and watch – notice the sensations you’re having. Don’t attach to them or let them disturb you. Just notice them and let them pass by. Feel what it’s like to be the calmest, most peaceful person in the world. Really sense that calmness.

If you have health anxiety, say to yourself, “I am the epitome of health” and feel that in your body. Really take time to feel it, or else the words are meaningless. Imagine yourself as having no pains, no symptoms, and perfect energy and vitality. Know that it is absolutely possible and true.

It works for whatever you’re fretting about. Whatever it is, just make a statement of its opposite and say, “I am the epitome of_____”. Then you have to take a few minutes to feel what that feels like in your mind and in your body.

Your thoughts direct your body. When you feel fear, your brain releases neurotransmitters that tells your body to release stress hormones like cortisol. If you take control of your thoughts, your brain will tell your body to activate the calming parasympathetic nervous system. What you think becomes physical reality – sooner or later. You are in control. You can turn anxiety into calm.